Malvaceae - mallow family

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Gerald A. Mulligan (Agriculture Canada, Ottawa, retired)
Abutilon theophrasti Medik., velvetleaf, abutilon
Annual, spreading by seeds; stems 2 to 4 feet (6 to 12 dm.) high; flowers yellow; southern Ontario, and southward; cultivated fields, roadsides, and waste places; introduced from Asia.

Malva pusilla SM., round-leaved mallow, mauve à feuilles rondes
Introduced from Europe. Similar to Malva neglecta Wallr., common mallow, but round-leaved mallow has smaller petals and a network of roughened ridges on the back of each nutlet. It is common in the Midwest, but is rare elsewhere.

Malva neglecta Wallr., common mallow, mauve négligée
Annual to short-lived perennial, spreading by seeds; autogamous; flowers white to pale lilac; stems prostrate to semi-erect; most common in eastern non-maritime areas and the far west; gardens, farmyards, and waste places; introduced from Europe.

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Weed Name Photo Weed Name Photo
velvetleaf, abutilon Common mallow: A, plant: B, flower; C, disk of nutlets; D, seed. Round-leaved mallow, E, disk of nutlets (from C. Frankton and G. A. Mulligan 1987, Weeds of Canada, Publication 948, Agriculture Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, 217 p.)
common mallow, mauve négligée common mallow, mauve négligée