Nyctaginaceae - four-o'clock family

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Gerald A. Mulligan (Agriculture Canada, Ottawa, retired)
Mirabilis nyctagenea (Michx.) MacMill.,wild four-o'clock, nyctage parasol
A herbaceous perennial 2 to 4 feet (6 to 12 dm.) tall with heart-shaped leaves and a thick fleshy to woody taproot. Flowers lack petals, but have calyxes that are a pale pink to a deep magenta. Flowers typically open in late afternoon and close before noon the next day. This probably targets specific types of pollinators. Wild four-o'clock is both native and introduced in extreme south-central Canada and the central United States. It also occurs, often sporadically, as an introduction east and west to all except the most south-eastern States. It is present in orchards, alfalfa fields, woodlands, pastures, dry meadows, rangelands, and along roadsides and railroad lines. It can be invasive.

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Weed Name Photo Weed Name Photo
wild four-o'clock, nyctage parasol wild four-o'clock, nyctage parasol
wild four-o'clock, nyctage parasol
(in fruit)
wild four-o'clock, nyctage parasol
(petals absent, sepals coloured)