Pteridaceae - fern family

Gerald A. Mulligan
Research Scientist and Research Institute Director (retired) and presently Honorary Research Associate, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada,
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0C6, Canada

Awarded the George Lawson Medal by the Canadian Botanical Association in 2006.
Awarded the Faculty of Macdonald, McGill University, Most Distinguished Alumni Award on October 18, 2014.
Read his biography "The Real Weed Man" available in print and ebook.

Pteridium aquilinum (L.) Kuhn, bracken, fougère-aigle
Perennial, with extensive creeping and forking underground rhizomes; fronds 3 to 15 feet (9 to 45 dm.) high; throughout, except the mid-west; abandoned fields, open woods, swamps, bogs, burnt-over areas, grassy slopes, roadsides, and waste places; native to North America. Although sometimes eaten by humans, recent evidence indicates that it is carcinogenic. Sickness and death has occurred in livestock after eating this plant.

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bracken, fougère-aigle                                                                                                  
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